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Project start date: 1/4/2014

Projectduration: 5 years

Leadorganization: REMA

Partnerinstitutions: District Authorities in Musanze, Rusizi, Burera and Bugesera, Private Sector Federation (PSF), Civil Society Organizations, Academic Institutions such as ISAE.

 Theoverallobjectiveof this five year programme is to streng then and sustain the conservation and management of natural resources. The expected outcome of the program is streng the ned and sustained conservation and management of natural resources in Musanze, Burera, Bugesera and Rusizi Districts.


The programaims to strengthen local and national capacity for climate resilient management of  island and wetland ecosystems through improved knowledge management systems and  are duced dependency of rural communities on rain?fed agriculture by supporting diversification of  livelihoods to  increase income security for vulnerable house holds and youth living in the target areas.


The program will operate in 10 island sandonewetl and in 4 District samong them 3 Districts which are affected by soilerosion ,lossofbiodiversity and flooding (Burera, Musanze Districts in the Northern Province, and Rusizi District in the Western Province),and one District in the Eastern Province (Bugesera) which is affected by deforestation and drought.

Specifically, it willoperateinislands located inthreelakes,mainlyBurera,Ruhondo and Rweru Lakes, as well as  in Bugarama wetland located in Rusizi District.


The program will target most of its support towards the most vulnerable households and youth, to increase their income security, drive down youth unemployment and promote pro?poor, green growth in the target areas.


To achieve the project objectives, the program will deliver the following outputs:


Output 1: Degraded and fragile ecosystems rehabilitated and protected:Under this output,the program willsupport to rehabilitate the fragile ecosystem and thus increase the adaptive capacity of natural systems and rural communities living in exposed areas.Therefore,the rehabilitation and improved management will be achieved through a community?based watershed management approach on 1780 ha.


Output 2: Diversified and climate resilient livelihood opportunities for vulnerable households, women and youth:Undertheoutput2,the program will support diversification of livelihoods for 1375 vulnerable house holds.The livelihood support function will promote market?oriented, enterprise development to promote diversification out of subsistence agriculture and promote pro?poor, green growth.


Output 3: Knowledge management and communication of lessons learned: Under the output 3, the project will develop and implement an effective communication and knowledge management strategy to capture and spread lesson learning as well as support scaling up in other districts. Under this output, the program is targeting to improve knowledge management system by producing  learning   manual and guidelines,  conducting  awareness  campaigns  and publish annual assessmentreports.

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