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Project Summary

The project will focus on protecting the banks and catchment areas of Nyabarongo River System from land degradation and solid waste pollution while creating employment opportunities for the youth in both rural and urban Districts.


The project will promote a wide range of income generating environmental activities and these will include terracing, nursery development, tree planting and rehabilitation of degraded areas; waste collection and recycling particularly transforming some of these materials to produce fertilizer for farmers and briquettes for cooking and other uses.


Youth association, local communities, District and Sector leadership, environmental NGOs and schools will be encouraged to actively participate in environmental awareness programmes and demonstrate practical self help measures of environmental management.


With the support of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA), Ministry of Natural Resources (MINIRENA) and the National Youth Council, the project will be established in an effort to create employment and alleviate poverty among the Youth.


The project will build capacities for youth in income generating activities with a view to turning their life into a more attractive one through environmental conservation.


Expected Outcome(s)/Indicator(s):

  • The youth and communities in the project area are using capacity built in sustainable management of environment and natural resources along Nyabarongo river system.
  • Nyabarongo river system waters are clean and free from water hyacinth.
  • Kigali city and towns along Nyabarongo river system are clean through improved solid waste management.
  • The youth and communities in the Districts along the Nyabarongo river system through sustainable management of environment and natural resources have enhanced their livelihoods.
  • Improved productivity restored to previously degraded land.
  • Project effectively managed, monitored, evaluated and reported.


Expected Output(s)/Annual Targets:

  • The Nyabarongo River System catchment high altitude areas have been terraced with radical terracing for management of soil conservation.
  • The Nyabarongo River System catchment lower altitude areas have been terraced with progressive terraces and planted with grass/pasture for management of soil conservation.
  • The banks of Nyabarongo River System have been protected through improved management of the river buffer zone.
  • Executing Agency:Rwanda Environment Management Authority (REMA)


  • Implementing agencies: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Programme Period: December 2008-December 2011
  • Programme Component: Land Degradation
  • Project Title: National Environment Youth Project
  • Project ID: 000880
  • Project Duration: Three Years (starting from Dec.2008)
  • Management Arrangement: National Execution (NEX)
  • Estimated Budget: US$ 6,000,000
  • Allocated Resources: US$ 5,298,000 (one fund)
  • In kind contribution: US $ 402,000 (GoR)
  • UNDP TRAC: UNDP Rwanda: 300,000 US$


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