Top managers of industries in Prime Economic zone and Special Economic zone were briefed on new law on Environment

Kigali, 16 November, 2018 - In view of elaborating the new law on environment,  LAW N°48/2018 OF 13/08/2018 LAW ON ENVIRONMENT,  Rwanda Environment Management  Authority, REMA, briefed top managers of industries in Prime Economic zone,(PEZ), Special Economic Zone(SEZ) and representatives of government institutions on this law and some alarming cases. The meeting took place at MARASA Umubano Hotel, on this Friday, 16 November, 2018.
Briefing   industrial owners on the new environmental law, they had an opportunity to share ideas on general provisions, obligations, prohibited acts and penalties. Identified environmental issues of concern and hot spots were also spelt out, ensuing appropriate corrective measures so as to ensure environmental compliance.
During the briefing, Deputy Director General of REMA Faustin MUNYAZIKWIYE said that it important to highlight and bring to the attention of everybody this law and its regulations, having the effect of avoiding cases of environmental pollution.

 He said: “Rwanda put in place the law and guidelines so that we can have a conducive environment. Rwanda has established an organic law in 2005 after we have realized that the law has to be revised and involve climate issues and other specific issues".

During this meeting, REMA also shared with audience the details of Nyandungu Ecotourism Park project, which is being developed in the neighborhood of SEZ and urge them to avoid pollution of that wetland.

The new law, LAW N°48/2018 OF 13/08/2018 ON ENVIRONMENT, replaces the Organic Law N° 04/2005 of 08/04/2005 determining the modalities of protection, conservation and promotion of environment in Rwanda.

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